The Big Boom of IoT Industry

The world is going through a major update this time. Every part of our daily routine moved to fully or partially digital. These updates are crucial and inevitable to the extinction of human beings. After all, everybody is forced to digitalize soon.
According to studies, In few years we will be connected to at least 4 devices at a time. An IoT update will happen to us without any concern. Thus our lifestyle will change and it can be more easy and effortless to live. while I writing this article, I seamlessly connected to my smart band, wireless headset with the smartphone. even I can find our my accurate time spend to write this article, how much exercise I have done, how much time I spend for listening music etc. This is only a start, I hope I may be connected to more than 10 devices within the next 5 years. Anyway, my point is to state that this IoT update is futuristic and inevitable.

Smart Home is IoT | The Digitalization

A few years later your home will become fully automated, you don’t need to worry about purchasing food or daily kitchen essentials. This will be done seamlessly automated environment. Your refrigerator will automatically detect the items inside and will test their quality, even automatically order the food items in your cart before running out. In the evening your lights will automatically be switched on even if you not there at home and switched off in the morning. You will be the master of these devices will be your slave and IoT is your control.

Monitor your Health with IoT | The World of Digitalization

If you get sick, you don’t need to go to the hospital for them to monitor you. with a few sensors, the hospital management can convert your room to a temporary mini-hospital to monitor your vital and body parts. the doctors and remotely access you from anywhere in the world and find the best treatment. your health monitoring watch will send frequent updates to your doctor and he can even send an ambulance the very after you need assistance.
However, our future we are head to is very much exciting and mesmerizing because of these technologies. To the Future, To the Digital.