Guerrilla marketing

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Guerrilla marketing: Definition, examples & overview

In this article we are discussing about Guerrilla advertising or guerrilla marketing. It is an advertising strategy that produce maximum results in unconventional way.

Conventional marketing tactics involve the use of newspaper or magazine adverts, television advertisements, etc. but it is very casual and not memorable but in.

The guerrilla marketing it is personal and memorable level.

Different ideas and examples of guerrilla marketing

Street marketing strategy

Advertise the product or brand on the streets to gain attention.

Ambient marketing

As this word means, on this strategy effective use of a particular location/environment is preferred

Promotional Stickers

Simple definition is :
Display companies brand logo in the form of stickers on the public transport like buses, auto, etc. or private car to grabs public attention

Stealth Marketing.

It is an unintended way of marketing strategies where advertiser tries to advertise a product to mob without them knowing they are being marketed to.

Is Guerrilla marketing suits your business??

It may be the right solution for your business. Why? If we executed well, it would often be low cost but produce high result.

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